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Get Started with Indivisible CA-33


What's Important to You?

One of the best ways you can create change is to focus on one issue you are truly passionate about.

Where Do You See Yourself?

Maybe you hate making phone calls and would rather Resistbot or textbank (check out our textbanking video, right). Maybe you're more of an extrovert, who might enjoy canvassing, voter registration, or protests. Maybe your work schedule is such that it'd be easier for you to research the issues than go to rep meetings during the week.


Where Will You Make the Most Impact?

We're sure you've got a lot to bring to the party. When you sign up, we'll send you a questionnaire about what issues you care about and what activities you're interested in. We'll try to help you find where you'll make the most impact. 

Sprint or marathon?

Finally, self-care is important in activism: it's easy to do a lot at first and then burn out. And we're in it for the long haul.

Try deciding how much time you'll volunteer beforehand. Then, see if you can take on more.

To help you with that, we've listed all the Indivisible CA-33 activities you can participate in in terms of time.


2-5 minutes | Coordinated Call

Even doing just this one activity over time makes a big difference.

The Five-Minute Version

Each week we call our three Congressional reps: Senators Feinstein and Harris and Congressman Lieu.

What we call about comes directly from your input at the monthly Member Meeting. 

We do special emergency calls to deal with unforeseen developments and/or deadlines.

  • We'll send out an email blast and Facebook post with the numbers and call scripts.
  • You call the rep's office and talk to a staffer, identifying yourself as their constituent. They will usually ask you for your zip code. Then, use the call script to state the ask. Feel free to say in your own words why the issue is important to you or if you have a personal story of being affected by the issue.
  • Calls are tallied by the representative's staffers, and reported to the Rep the next morning.
  • Most people don't realize that even twenty calls to a rep on a single issue can be a lot because so few people call and make their voices heard.


The Two-Minute Version

Some of us can't call because we're at work or can't get through on the phone lines.

One app that's made it easier to participate in the weekly call is Resistbot:

Text "resist" to 50409 and the app will walk you through how to message all three reps in under two minutes! You can copy and paste the script we send out and/or make it your own.

If you're on Facebook, simply send a message to Resistbot at

The messages are received by the rep offices as faxes. We've confirmed with each of our reps that faxes sent by Resistbot are counted as part of the day's tallies.


(courtesy Ben Wikler/

Put Your Reps on Speed Dial

Enter the numbers of all three Reps into your phone contacts, local and D.C.

Let Your Phone Remind You

Set a (weekly) alarm on your phone to call.

It's as easy as saying "Siri, set an alarm to call my reps every Monday at noon."

Image-1 (1)

To join the call, make sure you're subscribed to the email list or added to our Facebook group. Then, let us know you called!

2 hours | Monthly Member Meeting

Our monthly Member Meetings are held from 10AM-12PM every second Saturday of the month.

The Member Meeting is the basis of all our collective actions for the next month.

We often have speakers at the meetings, get updates from other organizations like Swing SoCal Left, and hold potlucks after.

2 hours | Meetings with Elected Officials and Staff

We meet once a month with the offices of: Senators Harris and Feinstein, Congressman Lieu, CA State Senators Ben Allen, Al Murasatchi, Autumn Burke, and Assemblymember Bloom.

We advocate for the legislative asks decided on at the Member Meeting. We let them know what issues are important to us and that we're holding them accountable for how they vote and write legislation.

The meetings are important for building a relationship with our officials, and it trains us to become better advocates for the issues we care about.

Indivisible CA-33 at Senator Feinstein's office.
Indivisible CA-33 at the Los Angeles Tax March | December 2017
Indivisible CA-33 at the Los Angeles Tax March | December 2017

2-3 hours | Town Halls, Rep-Sponsored Events, Protests, Marches

We show up to rep-sponsored town halls, events and outside their offices for protests.

We are also proud to march and protest with many other progressive organizations in Los Angeles.


FOCUS Groups

1 hour minimum | Focus Groups

In between our monthly Member Meetings, our Focus Groups get together for an hour, in person or virtually, to create recommendations for our member meetings. They focus on the issues we care about, such as:

  • Civil Rights/Voter Rights
  • Education
  • Environment/Climate
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration/Refugees
  • Russia Investigation/Corruption

How long does it take to research and come up with these actionable items? Chances are, you don't keep track of the time you spend following an issue because you want to know everything about it. 

If you're passionate about something that needs to be changed in the world, and already doing the work, this is where joining a group like Indivisible CA-33 can be key. Because unlike posting on Facebook, working together can transform knowledge into action. 

PS: We have resources for our focus groups on the Resources page.


Indivisible CA-33 at Women's March Los Angeles 2018

4-6 hours | Flipping Districts

Indivisible CA-33 members participate in swing district efforts in the nearby flippable districts, which include canvassing and voter registration. We join other groups and take vans.

If the distance seems daunting, consider volunteering for something closer: signing up voters at the naturalization ceremonies in downtown Los Angeles. 

2-3 hours | Neighborhood Groups

Don't forget the fun stuff! Our Neighborhood Groups allow you to meet with your comrades in arms, right in your own backyard. You guys get together and figure out what would be a fun thing to do. Some examples in the past have included: Postcard Parties and Phonebanking Parties!

(Photo courtesy of Venice Walkstreet Huddle)

See you soon!

Make sure you've subscribed to our email list or joined our Facebook group.

If you still have questions, check out our FAQ or contact us.

Next Steps...

Resources in one handy place. Links to useful information and organizations,  and lessons learned from Indivisible CA-33 members.