Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Indivisible CA-33?

We're constituents from California's 33rd Congressional District using the Indivisible Guide to resist the Trump Administration and advocate for an America that reflects our progressive values.


What does Indivisible CA-33 do?

Our main activities fall under (1) actions to influence our elected officials and (2) swing district efforts.

Actions to Influence Our Reps:

(1) Monthly member meetings where we decide on the issues we'll take action on

(2) Coordinated weekly phone calls based on input from the monthly meeting.

(3) Monthly meetings with our elected reps (federal and state) to advocate for our top priority issues at the monthly meeting.

Want to have a say? Come to our monthly meeting and make your voice heard.

Swing District Efforts

Currently, in the lead up to the 2018 mid-term elections, we are also focusing on canvassing and voter registration efforts in the five nearby Southern California Swing Districts. SwingSoCalLeft, which connects activists to organizations, came out of Indivisible CA-33.

But check out our Get Started page to learn about all our activities, like our Neighborhood Groups.


I want to do something about what's going on in this country, but I don't necessarily want to join a particular organization.

It takes time to figure out where to fit in and where you feel you're making the most impact. We encourage you to come to a monthly meeting, or swing by our private Facebook group to check us out. Most of our members participate in activities in several other progressive groups as well.


Why lobby your elected officials if they're in a blue district?

We not only want to put the pressure on our elected officials when we need to, but we also want to build up a relationship with them, to find ways we can work together as well. 

We've found that, just as volunteers who go through a political campaign end up a trained team, we develop into more effective advocates for the causes we believe in by starting a dialogue with our reps.

Is Indivisible a Democratic organization?

Indivisible started out as a non-partisan movement to oppose the Trump administration. We believe in pushing our elected officials to reflect our progressive values, no matter what your political affiliation (or lack thereof).

How much time does it take?

Our one ask of you is to sign up and join our weekly coordinated phone call to our House Rep and two Senators - which can take less than 5 minutes a week. 

Self-care is important in activism: it's easy to overreach and burn out, whether you're an individual or an organization. It's better to commit to 5 minutes a week for the next 52 weeks, than to put in a lot of time for a few months and dropping out completely because things get too crazy. (Trust us, we know of what we speak. We have all been guilty of taking on too much at one point or another!)

Try deciding how much time you'll devote beforehand, and participating in activities based on that. Then, see if you can take on more. 

We say this because we're in it for the long haul. We're committed to keeping our elected officials accountable, protecting our democracy, and fighting for an America that reflects our values, through the Trump presidency and beyond. 

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