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Who We Are

We are Indivisible CA-33, an inclusive, grassroots, progressive activist group from California's 33rd Congressional district, which spans Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Mid-City, Pacific Palisades, parts of Torrance and the South Bay.

We are ordinary people volunteering our time and using the Indivisible guide to resist the Trump presidency.

Indivisible CA-33 is one of over six thousand locally-based Indivisible groups that have sprung up across this country since 2017. There are now at least two Indivisible groups in every US congressional district.

It's easy to forget in these times. But We Are the Majority.

Women's March Los Angeles 2018
Women's March Los Angeles 2018

What We Do

Taking a vote on the issues that matter to us.

We Meet Monthly

Every second Saturday of the month, we meet to determine what we act on in next month's calls, rep meetings and more.


We Make Coordinated Phone Calls

Each week, we advocate for progressive values by coordinating a call to our elected representatives on one issue.

Indivisible CA-33 at Senator Feinstein's office.

We Visit Our Elected Officials

Every month, we meet with our elected reps on the federal and state level to hold them accountable.

FOCUS Groups

We Get Focused

Between Member Meetings, our Focus Groups discuss the issues they are passionate about, come up with ideas to take action, and make recommendations for our legislative asks.


We Swing Left

SwingSoCalLeft, which connects volunteers with swing district efforts, came out of an Indivisible CA-33 sub-committee. Joining events organized by groups like Sea Change, Code Blue and more, we canvass and register voters in the five nearby flippable districts of Southern California. 

Infographic courtesy of

Women's March

We Show Up

We're there for rep-sponsored town halls and events to ask the hard questions.

And we're proud to have shown up at protests and marches with other progressive organizations in the Los Angeles area

Courtesy: Venice Walkstreet Huddle

And...We Party!

We've created Neighborhood Groups by zip code so you can meet your comrades in arms, right in your own backyard. Neighborhood Groups have held postcard campaign parties, and Get Out the Vote phone banking parties. We also get together to canvass and register voters. Interested? We’ll help you get in touch with other Indivisibles in your area.  


Photo courtesy of Venice Walkstreets Huddle


Why We Do It

Each one of us has a unique story about the moment we decided to join. What we have in common is that we're committed to keeping our elected officials accountable and participating in our democracy, which is under attack.

We are part of a spreading grassroots movement, and we're  fighting for an America that reflects our values, through the Trump presidency and beyond. 

Are You Ready?

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